The Zealous Zombie

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A zombie walks down the street,

rotten skin, shuffling feet

Smiling at the passersby,

ghoulish grin, dangling eye

He greets his neighbors cordially,

moaning groans, children flee

Puzzled by the things he hears,

screaming voices, streaming tears

The zombie stops and looks around.

empty windows, shuttered down

Quietly he starts to sob.

fire, pitchforks, angry mob

Men come running, moving fast!

yelling, shoving, shotgun blast

The zombie falls, a second death.

broken, bleeding, gasping breath

The words slip from his ruined mug,

"But all I wanted was a hug!"

We can't all get along, but make some new, preferably living, friends through a shared love of the undead with a pair of The Zealous Zombies!

These themed dress socks feature Peruvian Pima cotton in a classic ribbed body in a light lilac body color, with dark purple toe and heel. Subtly embroidered by a hungry zombie ready for action! The words "Brains Please" add a bit of extra detail near your toes.

Size and Fit

Cut over-the-calf, with a nice wide cuff to avoid slippage. One size fits most, and will comfortably accommodate US men’s shoe sizes 8-12, women’s 10 – 14.

Please note that there are small variations in size between designs, and not every design will fit exactly the same. See Construction and Fit page for more details.


"Zealous Zombie" socks are made from a mix of 65% premium Pima cotton, 34% nylon, and 1% Spandex to give the perfect amount of stretch needed to mold our socks comfortably around your legs without cutting off circulation.

These are crafted to the highest quality, and are socks to be proud of. We know we are!