The Tango


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It takes two! Let "The Tango" be your partner in all things fashionable, awesome, and orange!

The "Tango" stands just fine on it's own, but will complement any of our darker socks such as "The Castle Walk", and many of our themed tie bars!

Made from 100% tightly woven silk, our knit ties class up those jeans, or dress down that suit. Knit ties are back in style for a reason - you can wear them with just about anything! 


100% tightly woven knit silk. The ties are 58" long, 2.25" wide - a skinny, but not anorexic-skinny, look!


Dark orange with contrasting white stripes.

Our silk knit ties are crafted to the highest standard. This is neckwear to be proud of, even if you've never been a fan of ties before!