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Plop! A giant dollop of strawberry jam explodes violently at your feet. Sploosh!! A river of soda pop rushes towards you in a torrent of sugary fizz. Baboom!!! Monstrous chicken bones the size of oak trees collapse around you. Scampering away from the tasty shrapnel, you sprint towards the questionable safety of the tall wooden structure on your left.

Not much time. Frantically, you look around, hoping to see something to make this expedition worthwhile. Suddenly, far in the distance, you see it! A long potato chip the size of a Buick sits at the fringe of the checkered battle field. Gathering your strength, you sprint towards the salty snack, throwing yourself into harm's way with reckless abandon. Dozens of times larger than your tiny body, but easily handled by your massive strength, you grasp the chip in your mighty mandibles and march off with your prize, excited to tell the other ants of your conquest.

Welcome summer dreams with a pair of Soxfords' Pic-Nicked!

Red and white checkered cotton socks in a picnic themed pattern. Detailed Ants are embroidered near the ankle and on the calf. Dream of summer year-round!


"Pic-Nicked" socks are made from a mix of 65% premium Peruvian Pima cotton, 33% nylon, and 2% Spandex to give the perfect amount of stretch needed to mold our socks comfortably around your legs without cutting off circulation.

All of our "Signature" series socks feature "60/2" yarn, where two fine yarns are spun into a single, stronger, yarn of high quality and durability. We use 200N knitting machines to craft fine socks with a high level of detail.

Crafted to the highest quality possible, these are socks to be proud of. We know we are!

Size and Fit

Cut in mid-calf or over-the-calf styles, with a nice wide cuff to avoid slippage. These socks have some additional stretch added for a really great comfort fit.

"Men's" size will comfortably fit US men’s shoe sizes 8-12, women’s 10 – 14

"Women's" size will comfortably fit US men's shoe sizes <8, and women's 6-10