Mustopher Bones (Red)


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Mustopher Bones ain't got no body, but you'll never see him frown!  The "Mustopher Bones" tie bar  stands out on it's own, but will complement a wide range of our knit ties and socks- especially our "Mustopher Bones" Pima socks, and our silk knit ties!

New to tie bars? We were too! Here's how things play out:  You clip one of these things onto your tie (ideally one of our retro silk knits, but we're pretty biased there...), and walk around for the first hour conscious of this new bit of bling.  You catch yourself in the mirror and think "Ha! I'm so sharp it hurts!" Then walk around for the next few with a smile because you're pretty darn awesome.  At some point you realize no one is pointing and calling you a dirty hipster, and instead are pointing to you as their new fashion guru.  You clip one on next time, and the next. Congratulations! You've become a (Soxfords) tie bar addict! There are worse things in life.  

Feed the addiction!   

Taking design notes from our socks, these hard-fired tie bars help you to grow up, not old!


Annealed tie bar with hard-fired enamel red skull charm and raised metal accents. Tie bars measure just over 1.6" wide (perfect for most skinny style ties, but not too narrow for more traditional looks), and just over 0.25" wide.  The charms themselves are just under 0.75" on the longest side - just large enough to show detail, without being overwhelming.

These tie bars are crafted to the highest standard. We are incredibly proud at how these have turned out - and hope they will be proudly displayed!