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Alarm rings. Snooze. Alarm rings. Grumble. Shower. Teeth brushed. Blue shirt. Tan pants. Brown shoes. Car keys. Ignition. Traffic. Train. Open paper. Subway. Summer sweat/winter mess. Office. Coffee. Bagel. Email. Projections. Meetings. Water cooler. Lunch. Excel. Email. Sleepy. More coffee! Meetings. Shut computer. Subway. Train. Traffic. Home. Family. Dinner. Couch. Bed. Sleep. Repeat. TGIF!

Sound familiar?

As weekdays blend together it’s all too easy to lose your identity in pursuit of company goals. Breathe some life into boring “business casual” while poking a bit of fun at the corporate machine with Soxfords’ Cogsworth!

Light blue dress socks with a dark blue cog and gears pattern. For those of us who aren't exactly the "cog in the wheel" type!

Size and Fit

Cut over-the-calf with a nice wide cuff to avoid slippage. One size fits most, and  will comfortably accommodate US men’s shoe sizes 8-12, women’s 10 – 14.

Please note that there are small variations in size between designs, and not every design will fit exactly the same. See Construction and Fit page for more details.


"Cogsworth" socks are constructed from a mix of 57% premium cotton and 43% nylon. Handlinked toes complete the package, so there won't be any uncomfortable nubs of fabric to rub against!